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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

On October 1, 2005 15:51, David R. Litwin wrote:
> In the continuing saga to try to get my WiFi to work, I have notived some
> thing interesting: iwconfig says that the mode is managed, as does KWiFi
> Manager. But, iwlist (when I do ath0 scan) says that it is master. Could
> this be what is causing the internet troubles (id est, that most pages take
> a very long time to load if they do at all. Incidentally, using GTK
> Gnutella gives me an instant connection.)?

iwlist scan reports the networks within range.  The "Mode: Master" it reports 
refers to the access point's mode of operation.  On the other hand, your 
wireless adapter is correctly configured to run in "managed" to be a client 
to the AP.

> I tired moving to dhcpcd from dhclient; things seem to be slightly worse,
> if any thing at all.
> I'm not sure about the DNS situation. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right
> place to find it.?
> Thank you kindly, as always.
> (My appologies if this comes in multiple times: It's a fault of precisely
> what we're trying to solve!)
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You should try to systematically rule out possible causes for failure.  Try 
bring your nic up manually, and  verify that each step was successful.  Don't 
use encryption (WEP or WPA) initially just to rule out another potential 
source of trouble.

1. Get the nic associate with the access point
  Try configuring the wireless settings manually with iwconfig
iwconfig eth1 enc off
iwconfig eth1 essid myessid
iwconfig eth1 channel mychannel
Now check the state of the card:
iwconfig eth1
You should see IEEE 802.11[abg] on the first line, instead of "unassociated".  
See if you can arping your access point
arping -i eth1 <ip address, probably>

2. Configure the network device with ifconfig
ifconfig eth1
See if you can ping your access point
ping <ip address>

3. Now try configuring by dhcp
dhclient3 eth1
This should set your DNS server information as well.
Try pinging your access point again.  
If that works, try pinging a site by name
ping www.google.ca

See how far you can get following these steps.


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