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Re: laptop sendmail

Mariusz Kruk wrote:

Colin Cotter napisał(a):

My work doesn't give access to their smtp server from outside their domain, so I decided to set up sendmail on my machine with my work email address so I can send messages from home. However, any self-respecting mail server bounces back my email because it says it is from localhost.localdomain which is a very good indication that I am sending spam.

Does anybody have any experience of how to fix things so this will work?

As someone already suggested -- use VPN to connect to SMTP server back at work. You can try to setup SMTP server yourself but it's gonna be complicated and quite pointless especially if U don't have static IP.

Huh? Pointless? Shucks, I used to run my entire domain on a dynamic IP address
back when I couldn't get DSL!  (cue 'old man' voice ;-)

Anyway, someone else mentioned the possibility of replacing sendmail with something else. I've used ... um, exim4? And the installation gave you 3 or 4 (or so) options, including 'no mail', 'full mail', and a few others. One of those might work.

Also, as someone else said - the problem is that sendmail isn't configured. If dpkg-reconfigure doesn't do it (I'd faint if it didn't :-) then you could always go do it the 'old fashioned' (and non-debian (sorry)) way and edit /etc/sendmail/sendmail.cf (or something like that) - beware that 'sendmail.cf is not designed for carbon-based life forms' (or some quote like that) - you only want to find where it sets machine
name (localhost) and domain name (localdomain) and change them.  That MIGHT
be as simple as changing what your laptop thinks it is! Which would be another one of those questions during install that's too easy to skip. Look in /etc/hosts
to see if anything is configured there besides localhost....


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