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Toshiba Sat. Laptop c2002 CE

   Hello :
I wrote a while back of my interest in putting a useful interface on this laptop . I was stymied by the lack of visibility opening CD DVD burned with Debian OS . I was vaguely aware that the color of media was a discriminating factor . I purchased a Suse Linux package along with encyclopedic print volume from a neighborhood Best Buy . This installed . I was able to update via the ethernet cable . I was unable to guess or understand anything else . No applications including zero nada etc . I am prepared to abandon Seventy bucks to "Suse" . After recovering from this setback I wish to endeavor once again into the realisation of the laptop for email , newspaper reading , DVD viewing , doc. storage , ereader's such as Palm , MobiPocket and other domestic operations . I may be stupid or dull or a lethally blended combination there abouts . So without requesting unwarranted patience would some one indicate their personal opinion as to the surest manner in which a dullard such as myself might proceed and assume some risk of success ? I apologise in advance for being a pain and wonder if there are people in the Boston Massachusetts area who I might engage ? Expressing a gracious appreciation in advance feels an apropos balance to the missing intuitive branch of my penthouse . Frederick Royce Perez

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