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Argh! wpa + rt8180 + ndiswrapper = insanity?

Title: Argh! wpa + rt8180 + ndiswrapper = insanity?

Or am I stupid? For the last two days I have tried and tried to connect my old laptop to our wireless network. I've got a D-link DWL-610 wireless pcmcia card with a rtl8180 chipset which works well using ndiswrapper and the latest driver from the realtek website.

As long as the network is open or using wep, there is no problem getting the old laptop online, but a problem arises when i try connecting the laptop to the network using wpa_supplicant with a WPA-PSK Key. I believe the only output of interest (both from wpa_supplicant and dmesg) is:

ndiswrapper (set_auth_mode:517): setting auth mode failed (C0010015)

I think this is strange because both WPA with TKIP and AES/CCMP encryption modes are supported by wlan0 when it's activated.

Feel free to help!
Thans in advance



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