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Re: Touchpad device changing from event1 to event0

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 04:20:36PM +0200, Michelasso wrote:
> some minor problems I have with the touchpad. When I use it with the
> synaptics xfree86 drivers loaded often it happens that even if I am
> moving the finger on the touchpad the cursor doesn't move, and I have
> to release the finger from the touchpad and to tap again to make it to
> move. Or some other times instead of moving the cursor, it scrolls up
> and down the window is it above, as if I was tapping above the

this is a feature actually :)
It's mentioned in the package description as:
  * Vertical scrolling (button four and five events) through moving the
    finger on the right side of the touchpad

Take a look at man 5 synaptics where an excellent explanation is
provided. If believe this feature is annoying you can play with
LeftEdge, RightEdge, TopEdge, BottomEdge values in order to make the
"scroll area" smaller or disabling it at all.
Try first using synclient in order to change values on the fly and the
make them persistent updating your xorg.conf
Also, quoting the manpage:
"A good way to find appropriate edge parameters is to enable the
SHMConfig option and run "synclient -m 1" to see the x/y coordinates
corresponding to different positions on the touchpad."

Ah, note that the manpage is only availble from 0.14.3.

> vertical scroll bar of it, while I am not doing this. Or when I double
> tap on the firefox url form it doesn't select all the url it is
> currently inside it.

and this might be due to inappropriate FingerHigh, FingerLow,
MaxDoubleTapTime. Same suggestions as above apply :) but one more quote:
"The MaxDoubleTapTime... If you can't perform double clicks fast enough
(for example, xmms depends on fast double clicks), try reducing this
parameter.  If you  can't  get  word  selection to work in xterm (ie
button down, button up, button down, move mouse), try increasing this

> This problems don't appear when instead the synaptics driver it is not used.

Of course because all the above features are missing!


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