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Re: X.Org using Intel 915GM on Dell Latitude D610

On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 16:21 +0200, Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:
> When installing X.Org, "vesa" was the only driver allowing to be
> selected. Right now I am using it with no problems but it would be
> great to be able to test this video card at full performance.

Try the i810 driver - it should also work for 915GM. You'll have to play
with all the options to see what gives you the fastests results. You may
also want to take a look at CONFIG_AGP_INTEL and CONFIG_DRM_I915 in your
kernel config (I don't know if the i810 driver works without those
options set).

> Also knowing how can I enable framebuffer on boot for this video
> chipset would be great!

Not sure about that, but try FB_I810 or FB_INTEL for the framebuffer


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