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Re: Kernel, modules and GCC format (was Kernel and modules configuration optimized for IBM ThinkPad R50e)

Also sprach "Gorjanc Gregor" <Gregor.Gorjanc@bfro.uni-lj.si> (Sat, 20
Aug 2005 17:57:28 +0200):
> [...]
> You all made fair statements and I am convinced to stay with Debians
> kernel. I just installed 2.6.11-1-686 image but now I have other
> problem. I installed sources for ipw2200 and thinkpad modules and
> tried to install them via 'module-assistant' and for ipw2200 it went
> fine. However, I am not able to load the module, since the format is
> not the right one. I don't have the exact message, since I write from
> Windows at the moment :( I have "GCC 4", while kernel might be
> compiled with "GCC 3.3", just guessing. Should I compile kernel with
> config, from /boot of currently installed kernel or is it something
> else? I know this list is not primary place for such issues, but since
> it came up from above discussion I hope anyone can help me with it.

You should compile with the same version as the kernel was compiled. If
3.3 is still on your system (should so) you can check the gcc link in
/usr/bin. it likely will be linked to gcc-4. I usually change that (and
others) link to the gcc i need manually since i work with distcc. 

I'm quite sure it will work with update-alternatives or some other 
method easier. It will be somewhere in the docs.

Maybe 3.4 will work too, but i'm not sure about this.

> Thanks in advance, Gregor

sl ritch

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