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Re: Scrolling with a touchpad

On Tue August 16 2005 10:15 pm, Luca Pireddu wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 August 2005 15:56, Nico Golde wrote:
> > Hallo Alan,
> >
> > * Alan Ianson <alianson@shaw.ca> [2005-08-16 23:53]:
> > > I have just installed debian sarge on my HP-Pavilion ZE4400. Is there a
> > > way to configure the touchpad? The scroller on the right hand side
> > > doesn't seem to work so I have to drag the page bar to navigate large
> > > pages. No biggy but it would be helpfull if it can be done.
> >
> > [...]
> > Install the xfree86-driver-synaptics package and adjust your
> > x config.
> > regards nico
> For your touchpad check out this link.
> http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Synaptics_Touchpad
> Also, you may like ksynaptics or qsynaptic.
> My scroll edge didn't work until I upgraded to kernel 2.6.12.  My touchpad
> is actually an ALPS glidepoint, not a real Synaptics touchpad.  Try
> cat /proc/bus/input/devices to see what yours is.  To make the Alps
> touchpad work properly you need the Alps patch included in the kernel.  As
> of 2.6.12 that's done.  For older versions you'll have to do it yourself.

It looks like I have a SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad. The 
xfree86-driver-synaptics package did the trick for me. Glad to know there are 
other though if needed.

> As for your networking problem, if you want to share directories I think
> NFS is a good choice.  It's pretty easy to set up.  There's an NFS howto
> out there, but all it takes is a line in /etc/exports on the server:
> /path/to/shared/directory <allowed IP>(ro,root_squash)
> or rw if you want read/write access.  The IP can use a mask.
> On the laptop you may want to add an entry in your /etc/fstab
> hostname:/path/to/shared/directory   /mountpoint      nfs
> noauto,ro,hard,intr,nosuid,noexec

Thanks for your input. I still can't see either of my linux boxes on the 
network (using NFS), just one last windows box shows up in the list. I'm not 
sure but I think it's an authentication problem. I'll have to have a closer 
look at my host/domain names. I'll have to find that howto!

> Personally, I think it's better just to synchronize directories so that you
> can work without network access.  I found a really nice tool for that:
> http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/
> All it requires is ssh and a network connection.

Looks interesting. I have installed this and I think I can grab some files to 
get to work. But the desktop has the HD space and I can't store all that much 
on the laptop so I'm hoping to get NFS up and running.

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