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Scrolling with a touchpad

Hello List,

I have just installed debian sarge on my HP-Pavilion ZE4400. Is there a way to 
configure the touchpad? The scroller on the right hand side doesn't seem to 
work so I have to drag the page bar to navigate large pages. No biggy but it 
would be helpfull if it can be done.

Also, how do I go about networking this laptop with my desktop (also sarge)? 
When I had windows on here I did it with samba but now I think I need to use 
NFS or...?? I have had a try but can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone let 
me know what to use (NFS or something else) and an FAQ or howto?

This is my fist time getting linux setup on the laptop or networking linux <-> 
linux so any pointers would be welcome. Thanks in advance for any info you 
can give me.

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