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Re: Scrolling with a touchpad

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 15:56, Nico Golde wrote:
> Hallo Alan,
> * Alan Ianson <alianson@shaw.ca> [2005-08-16 23:53]:
> > I have just installed debian sarge on my HP-Pavilion ZE4400. Is there a
> > way to configure the touchpad? The scroller on the right hand side
> > doesn't seem to work so I have to drag the page bar to navigate large
> > pages. No biggy but it would be helpfull if it can be done.
> [...]
> Install the xfree86-driver-synaptics package and adjust your
> x config.
> regards nico

For your touchpad check out this link.

Also, you may like ksynaptics or qsynaptic.

My scroll edge didn't work until I upgraded to kernel 2.6.12.  My touchpad is 
actually an ALPS glidepoint, not a real Synaptics touchpad.  Try 
cat /proc/bus/input/devices to see what yours is.  To make the Alps touchpad 
work properly you need the Alps patch included in the kernel.  As of 2.6.12 
that's done.  For older versions you'll have to do it yourself.

As for your networking problem, if you want to share directories I think NFS 
is a good choice.  It's pretty easy to set up.  There's an NFS howto out 
there, but all it takes is a line in /etc/exports on the server:

/path/to/shared/directory <allowed IP>(ro,root_squash)
or rw if you want read/write access.  The IP can use a mask.

On the laptop you may want to add an entry in your /etc/fstab
hostname:/path/to/shared/directory   /mountpoint      nfs

Personally, I think it's better just to synchronize directories so that you 
can work without network access.  I found a really nice tool for that:

All it requires is ssh and a network connection.



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