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Load Installer Components Fails on Inspiron 7500

Dear All

I am trying to install (fresh) the latest Debian Net-Install CD. I
downloaded the iso packages and burnt the CD rom on my Latitude D600 (Roxio)
without any problems (checksums are all correct). I can read the resulting
CD's on the D600 without issue.

However on the Inspiron 7500 I am confronted with the error

Load Installer Components from CD fails
There was a problem reading data from the CD rom, please make sure it is in
the drive. If retrying does not work check the integrity of your CDROM.

I have now burnt a total of 4 different CD's (from different websites, media
etc, speeds, disk / track at once) and tried the business card size. However
each time it comes back to the same error. Checking the CDROM integrity
using the menu structure of the installer generates a red screen with the
'No valid Debian CD-ROM' error: The CD-ROM you have inserted is not a valid
Debian CD-ROM. Please change disk.

I have not reformated the harddisk as I was planning on doing that during
the installation. I have 256 MB ram and a Toshiba CD-ROM.

Any ideas anyone?



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