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Re: prism54, 2.6.8, WG511

Also sprach <chrisb@kippona.net> (Fri, 12 Aug 2005 20:12:46 -0400
> On 12 Aug 2005, Richard Mittendorfer <delist@gmx.net> wrote: 
> > Also sprach Chris Beggy <chrisb@kippona.net> (Fri, 12 Aug 2005
> > 14:21:15 -0400 (EDT)):

> > linux acpi=off
> Thanks for responding.

> The bios seems to be toshiba, with some sort of acpi.

do you have some options in there that look useful regarding

try to get acpi working. if it's possible, but a toshiba bios is a good
sign. i bet acpi will get you around your irq problem (if non of the two
commandline options mentioned in your dmesg output fix it).
> Debian Linux acpi does not run on this lappi, and the
> toshiba_acpi module will not even load.

if acpi just doesn't show up in your dmesg you can still try
"acpi=force". if it's a precompiled kernel there might be a safety
option turned on, preventing the use of acpi on older hardware.

a quick search on google "toshiba 2100 acpi linux" won't be bad ;)
instantly found some sites talking 'bout acpi on the toshi 2100. i'm
quite sure you'll find useful info there. also take a look at
http://www.linux-laptop.net and http://tuxmobil.org

> > btw. I have a WG511t and it's equiped with an atheros (madwifi)
> > chip.
> Interesting.  The prism54 seems to load for me, so I think it is
> not an atheros.

oh, don't worry. they sometimes don't even change modelnumbers if they
use another chipset. 

a "lspci (-v)" will tell.

> Chris

sl ritch

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