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Re: Which wireless card for monitor-mode support in the *stock* kernel?

Nate Duehr wrote:

Joe Emenaker wrote:

Well, I received a $20 RaLink-2500....
... and it worked like a charm! All stock drivers, everything just worked.

Could you post the output of lsmod - which driver is the Ralink card using?

Well, it seems that I spoke a little too soon.

Like I said, I tried it with the Knoppix CD and it worked great. However, it appears that the Knoppix CD has the rt2500 driver compiled as a module.

The stock Debian linux-kernel-2.6.x and/or kernel-image-2.6.x packages don't seem to have that. However, the rt2500 source package is available from the standard mirrors, so it's fairly easy to:

 apt-get install rt2500-source
 cd /usr/src
 tar -xzf rt2500*
 cd modules
 cd rt2500
 make install

However, keep in mind that this installs the module (on *my* machine, anyway) to


while my kernel modules were in

 /lib/modules/2.6.12-686-1  (or some name like that)

so modprobe didn't find them until I moved them from the 2.6.12 directory to the 2.6.12-686-1 and then rerun depmod -a

- Joe

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