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Which wireless card for monitor-mode support in the *stock* kernel?

This is driving me nuts. I've got an Orinoco silver card that I wanted to use with Kismet and/or AirSnort, but I can't put it into monitor mode (even with the 2.6.12 latest kernel). I've tried downloading the 0.15rc2 version of the drivers and compiling them, but I'm getting some wierd error like "Invalid module format" or something.

I'm tired of waiting for "out-of-the-box" monitor-mode support for this card, and I'm ready to get a new one.

Question is: Which one?

To clarify what I'm looking for, I want:
- PCMCIA card with some common external antenna jack (like MMCX).
- "Out-of-the-box" monitor support. By that, I mean that I can install/boot a stock Debian "kernel-image-2.6.x-686", and then type "iwconfig eth1 mode monitor" and it *just works*! No downloading patches, no installing firmware.
- If it's 802.11g, that's great... but it's not mandatory.

In addition, I'd appreciate info on a similar PCI card with a SMA connector. Again, 802.11g would be nice, but the critical issue for me is not having to patch/compile anything.

- Joe

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