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Re: Dynamic MMap ran out of room!!!

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Adam Aube wrote:

> Will Ness wrote:
> > I have an old laptop that I installed debian on. Everything works
> > except apt!! Everytime I run apt, it does its thing but at the very
> > end it says:
> >
> > Error....!
> > Dynamic MMap ran out of room
> > I did some googling and got the general response that my Apt cache
> > memory limit needed to be expanded/checked/corrected.
> Kudos for checking the archives first. Many posters with this question do
> not, and it is likely one of the most common questions asked.

Now that he's found the solution, perhaps it is time to add a meaningful
sentence to that dynamic mmap out of room message?  Or what about
automatically doubling each time it runs out of room, and starting again
(along with an appropriate warning message as to how not to keep doing

First time I was bitten by the 'bug', I did a google, but made a tyop in
the conf file, and so nothing happened.  I was pulling out my hair for
ages until I noticed the missing letter (I must have cut and paste from
one letter in).

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