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Re: Dynamic MMap ran out of room!!!

Will Ness wrote:

> I have an old laptop that I installed debian on. Everything works
> except apt!! Everytime I run apt, it does its thing but at the very
> end it says:
> Error....!
> Dynamic MMap ran out of room

> I did some googling and got the general response that my Apt cache
> memory limit needed to be expanded/checked/corrected.

Kudos for checking the archives first. Many posters with this question do
not, and it is likely one of the most common questions asked.

> Others who gave a solution suggested to look in and edit apt.conf. One
> problem, I did not have, or cannot find this file!

My system doesn't have one, either - it probably just doesn't exist by
default (because most people only need the default settings).

According to the apt.conf man page, it belongs at /etc/apt/apt.conf. Create
this file and add the relevant lines per the solutions you found.


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