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Re: Sonypi driver, and Jogdial on Sony Vaio Picturebook

Try disabling the middle mouse button in your desktop enviroment.  For
instance, in kde there is an option about what to do on middle click. 
Of course, if u use that part on another mouse, it may be a problem. 
If that doesn't work, try googling

On 6/29/05, Benedek Frank <linux@celifornia.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I am a bit confused. I hope someone knows about this sonypi and sonypid
> daemon.
> I have this Vaio, and it has the jogdial, for scrolling. Since kernels
> 2.6.9, the scroll is built in. Basically anytime I am on a website, I
> can scroll with the jogdial, by default. I wanted to have more options,
> so I installed the sonypid, and I made it aware of the FN special keys,
> and now I am also able to run scripts by just passing a special key.
> Such as setting volumes, start camera, etc.
> Now until this point, everything works great. At this point, I wanted
> the jogdial to have a neat function, so when I press it, it will pop up
> a little window, and I can select preset commands to run, like Browser,
> email client. Pretty much anything I set. So this jogdial would be my
> "start menu" in windoze sort of speak. Now, the jogdial by default is
> also a middle mouse button click. That makes it behave the following
> way. When I press the jogdial in, it will pop up two screens. One is for
> the jogdial app (sjog), and one is for the regualr middle button mouse
> click, which brings up a screen with the available running processes,
> and the virtual desktops, so I can change by clicking on the little
> tabs. So my problem is, how can I turn off the Jogdial to act as a
> middle mouse button? I really dont need that feature, and it interferes
> with the jogdial app I would like to run.
> Thanks
> Benedek
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