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Re: Alsa, strange problems

David Reviejo wrote:
>>* Martin Jenewein <jetii@utanet.at> [050622 08:57]:
>> But how can i change the boot configuration to unload
>> snd_intel8x0m? (it#s not in /etc/modules)

>Hi, Martin

>First, the snd_intel8x0m module is not a sound module; it's a modem
>module (because the same chip has sound and modem capabilities). If you
>read the Alsa docs, it say in some place you need to load this module
>AFTER the snd_intel8x0 sound module if you want to have sound.

>I think the module it's been loaded by hotplug on boot; so, you need to
>"blacklist" this module. The better way is to put a file ("alsa-modem"
>for example), in /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d with the name of the module
>(snd_intel8x0m) in it. The next boot this module will not be loaded.

And/or, if you wish to have the the modem module available at boot, add both of them in the correct order to /etc/modules. This solved the problem on my system, anyway.
John O'Hagan

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