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Debian router/firewall?

Hi dudes :)

I know, it isn't the right place to ask, but this is the only 
mailinglist i am on, and i think, it's the greatest :)
So don't hit me for this question :D

I've got an old Intel Celeron with 600 MHz, one NIC for the DSL 
modem and an internal 5-port hub.
Until now i had installed IP-Cop or Smoothwall. But i think, the
isn't as good, as it should be.
My ping increases up to about 60 though i have fastpath.

What i want is a slim firewall that works as a router. Further i need a
webserver for different documents.

Is there anyone who can advice my a distro or someone who can tell me
how to get debian working as a firewall?

I read some tutorials, but they didn't work at all :)

Would be great, if you've got some tips :)

Thx  - DayWalker

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