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Re: OSS community interaction (was: Re: *** bluber *** Re: Male xxxxxx enhancement formula^)

On Sunday 29 May 2005 07:08, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Every day I get tonns of messages "unsubscribe" into my BOX.

_That_ simply shouldn't be happening.  A number of the list-server programs 
intercept anything with subjects of "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" and direct 
them to the admin interface.  It would be nice if it was added to the 
software debian's using (Mailman?  I can't remember).

Unfortunately, I filter anything with "subscribe" in the subject straight to 
the trash, and I _still_ get regular messages with misspelled unsuscribe 
[sic] requests.  So an admin filter would run into the same problem.  You can 
try to be smarter than the spammers, but you'll _never_ be smart enough to 
outwit the idiots...

> I think, adding such monthly REMINDER is well acceptable.
> What Do you think about ?

No problem for me.  I'd just filter it out :-)  I think such things are 
acceptable, and fairly common.  

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