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Re: *** bluber *** Re: Male xxxxxx enhancement formula^

On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 05:22:10PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > Filter on message ID then.
> It does not work, because Cc: and Bcc: are faster then the List-Message
> and because I have seperatet folders, my List-Messages will never reach
> the Folder and I have a broken Archive.

Two different things.  You use the message id to catch duplicates.

The for filtering into mailboxes -- some mail boxes I filter by To: or
Cc: header for the list and then all messages, even ones that come
directly to me via a cc: go to that list.  Other lists I filter on a
header added by the list server.  Then, if the CC codes in first, I
get that in my inbox.  For many, but not all, their mail directly to
me is faster than the list.  But I have no control over that.

> > One is that some lists I'm on have a delay -- it's been a while but
> > d-u has had periods of hours of delay.  So the cc allows a response to
> Are you sure ?  -  I get the messages in less the 15 seconds back.
> OK, maybe because I am subscribed to <whitelist@l.d.o>.

Sometimes the list is slow.  There's been times when hours go by
before I see a response.  Some of the gnu.org lists are that way too
once in a while.  Yes, normally they are very fast.

> And what, if I do not check my "private" folder and waiting
> for a List-Reply for what I chech this Mailbox regulary ?

Why is that a concern of anyone else?

> IF I WANT CCs, because there is something of
> urgence then I set Mail-Followup-To: too.

Good.  And hope they respect it.  How much time do you want to spend
trying to get the rest of the on-line world to follow your wishes?
If you don't want duplicates then filter them out.

Bill Moseley

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