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Re: *** bluber *** Re: Male xxxxxx enhancement formula^

Am 2005-05-28 07:41:07, schrieb Bill Moseley:
> On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 02:14:39PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > Same thing with CC (which I can filter) and I hate Bcc!
> Filter on message ID then.

It does not work, because Cc: and Bcc: are faster then the List-Message
and because I have seperatet folders, my List-Messages will never reach
the Folder and I have a broken Archive.

> One is that some lists I'm on have a delay -- it's been a while but
> d-u has had periods of hours of delay.  So the cc allows a response to

Are you sure ?  -  I get the messages in less the 15 seconds back.
OK, maybe because I am subscribed to <whitelist@l.d.o>.
> come quickly.  If I've been working on solving a problem and have to
> resort to asking for help on the list it's nice to get the help as
> soon as possible.  It's a courtesy.

Do no think so, because I avoid where I can PMs and answer mostly
to the lists.

> Same as for the person sending the message.  If I spend time helping
> someone I want that help, as a courtesy to them, to get to them as
> soon as possible.

And what, if I do not check my "private" folder and waiting
for a List-Reply for what I chech this Mailbox regulary ?

> Finally, I use a mailer that pays attention to Mail-Followup-To:, so
> for those that want to try and control what people send (instead of
> what they receive ;) I respect that header.  On debian-user my
> Mail-Followup-To: header includes the list and my own email saying I
> do want cc's.

IF I WANT CCs, because there is something of
urgence then I set Mail-Followup-To: too.

> It's a lot easier to control my own setup than the thousands of others
> that post on lists I'm on, I find.
> Ok, so the cc's do generate extra mail traffic.

Around 300-500 per week at me  :-(

Many times I need to forward the already send PM to
the Mailinglist which breaks the Received Header...  :-(


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