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Re: *** bluber *** Re: Male xxxxxx enhancement formula^

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 23:15 +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2005-05-24 13:28:04, schrieb Ian Greenhoe:
> > There are several solutions that I can see:
> > 
> > 1)  Have the mailserver reject the first delivery attempt by a non-list
> > recipient.  (Or, for that matter, the first delivery attempt of *any*
> > mail.)
> <lists.debian.org> should be easyly reached by all $USER and
> most newcomers do not know, how to subscribe to mailinglists.

It appears that you do not understand what I'm talking about here.  SMTP
(the protocol via which all public email is sent) allows for the fact
that the remote machine may not be available or may be flaky.  Compliant
servers will deal with a server that non-fatally rejects an email by
waiting a few minutes and re-transmitting.  Spammers rarely, if ever,
use compliant servers (they can't afford to with the volume of email
that they are sending.)

What happens with a real server with this scheme is:
1) It attempts to send.  Send fails: temporarily rejected.
2) It puts mail on queue to re-send.
3) It attempts to re-send the mail.  Send succeeds: Mail succeeds.

What happens with a spammer's server with this scheme is:
1) It attempts to send.  Send fails: temporarily rejected.
2) It gives up, moving onto the next target.
3) Send fails.  Mail is blocked.

See greylistd for an example implementation.

> > 2)  Require that someone who is not on the list to respond to an
> > automatic response.
> Most people I know (including myself) send challange-reponses
> to /dev/null (I get every day such bullshit)

My experience is the *exact* opposite.  Personally, I'd rather have to
deal with a challenge-response once -- which, mind you, is how you get
on this very list -- then have to deal with the hordes of spam that you
(and many others) are complaining about.

> > 3) Reject non-subscribed senders.
> Not acceptable.

The question here is what's less acceptable?  A bunch-o-spam or not
having non-list subscribers be able to ask questions.  I think that the
level of spam is annoying, but less annoying than having to have people
subscribe to the list.  So, I agree with you, but I do not feel as
vehemently as you apparently do.



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