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Laptop Network Card and X-windows Issues...

Hello All!!

I have some vexing problems that I have tried to solve on my own, and
I am at last beyond my capabilities....

Ok heres the sitrep:

My system is setup on a Compaq Presario 1230. You may rember me
posting issues on this machine months earlier. Anyways I managed to
get the network card and X-windows working. I then later (today) did a
dist-upgrade. Now none of the above works. I would like to get all
three working again.

The network card is of pcmcia make. I managed to get it to identify
and use the correct driver, and my pcmcia daemon is running. However
both at boot and later in ifconfig, the system claims it cannot read
/etc/network/interfaces. It claims that 'interfaces' is unconfigured,
which not true, I did configure it. Even when I assign the card the
network information manually it still does not work. I am unsure as to
how to proceed....

As for the X-windows, 'startx' or kde do not work. It says the command
is not found. I am unsure what do/try next.

If anyone could help me, I would be grateful. I am still very much a
linux newbie, but I am trying to learn the ropes the best I can.

Thank you in advance!!

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