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Re: Laptop Network Card and X-windows Issues...

On Thursday 26 May 2005 03:28, Will Ness wrote:

> Anyways I managed to 
> get the network card and X-windows working. I then later (today) did a
> dist-upgrade. Now none of the above works. I would like to get all
> three working again.
> It claims that 'interfaces' is unconfigured, 
> which not true, I did configure it. Even when I assign the card the
> network information manually it still does not work. I am unsure as to
> how to proceed....

Please don't make us guess.  What _exactly_ is the response from ifconfig or 
ifup, and what appears in syslog?
> As for the X-windows, 'startx' or kde do not work. It says the command
> is not found. I am unsure what do/try next.

You need to be _very_ careful about doing dist-upgrades.  I'm using kubuntu 
breezy, and if I'd allowed a dist-upgrade yesterday I'd probably be in the 
same position.  While dist-upgrade tries to do the right thing, sometimes - 
as apt sees it - the right thing would be to remove large parts of your 
system.  What apt sources are you using?

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