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Re: *** bluber *** Re: Male xxxxxx enhancement formula^

Hello Michael,

Am 2005-05-24 20:38:19, schrieb Michael Marsh:

> Requiring people to subscribe in order to post is worse than annoying.
>  If a mailing list requires subscription to post, and I'm not
> generally interested in the list traffic, I won't post, because the
> list traffic is unacceptable.  In the case of one software package I
> use, that's the only way of providing any feedback to the authors. 
> Consequently, though I have suggestions for improving the software, I
> don't send them in.  Similarly, to file a bug report for gcc, you have
> to sign up for a bugzilla account.  I'm not going to deal with another
> account (and another password), just to gripe about silliness in g++.
> Your main avenue for communication with your user base *must* be open,
> or there's little point in making your software open.  It can be a
> mailing list, a newsgroup, a comment address, or a web form, but if
> users have to join a "club" to contact you, you've done something
> wrong.


I do not know the whole performance of <murphy.d.o> but I filter
per week around 3000 SPAM-Messages coming via the <lists.d.o> and
those SPAM-Mails are curently importet into a postgresql for

I try to get ridoff this messages by using less resources in SPAM-

I think, many of those SPAMs, can easyly filtered on <murphy.d.o>.
OK, there must be at leas on responsible for updating the filters,


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