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ifplugd or waproamd or wpa_supplicant?

Ok, looking at suggestions on this list, I'm a bit confused about
managing networking.

ifplugd seems a common suggestion, but wapromad is also suggested --
and wapromad says ifplugd isn't needed.  And then the waproamd page
says waproamd is obsolete and to use wpa_supplicant.  And I have a
prism54 card which, if I understand correctly, is not supported with

What I want, of course, is "ifup/down eth0" when a cable is plugged
in, and otherwise deal with a few Access Points I connect to.  One of
which doesn't broadcast essid.  I like using /etc/network/interfaces
for network configuration, by the way.  A few APs use WEP, some don't
(like my neighbors...) I'm not using WPA yet (don't think it's
supported yet).  Maybe I should get a new card...

Anyway, can someone clear up what is the current recommended way to
manage wired and wireless network selection?  I guess the wapromad
statement that it doesn't need ifplugd is what is confusing me.  Does
that mean wpa_supplicant is the one solution?

Bill Moseley

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