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Re: ifplugd or waproamd or wpa_supplicant?

Bill Moseley wrote:

ifplugd seems a common suggestion, but wapromad is also suggested --
and wapromad says ifplugd isn't needed.

... not for managing your *wireless* care that waproamd is managing. However, if you want "ifup/down" to happen when wired cables are plugged/unplugged to/from your wired port, then you still want ifplugd for that.

It takes a little tweaking in order to get them to play nice with each other. First, you have to tell both of them to have hotplug ignore those ports... otherwise hotplug will try to bring them up when it detects them.

And then the waproamd page
says waproamd is obsolete and to use wpa_supplicant.  And I have a
prism54 card which, if I understand correctly, is not supported with
I've used both. wpa_supplicant is just waproamd with more-evolved features. I'd have stuck with it except I changed laptops and ended up with a wifi chipset that didn't support it. So, I switched back to waproamd... and it works just fine. So, I wouldn't call it "obsolete".

What I want, of course, is "ifup/down eth0" when a cable is plugged

.... and you'll use ifplugd for that.

and otherwise deal with a few Access Points I connect to.

... and waproamd for that.

One of
which doesn't broadcast essid.

Uhhh... I'm not sure if waproamd can help here... haven't tried.

I like using /etc/network/interfaces
for network configuration, by the way.  A few APs use WEP, some don't
(like my neighbors...) I'm not using WPA yet (don't think it's
supported yet).

Well, the nice thing about wpa_supplicant (from what I recall) is that it can do the wpa in software, so that it wpa-enables any card that it supports (hence its name).

Anyway, can someone clear up what is the current recommended way to
manage wired and wireless network selection?

I use ifplugd on my eth0, and waproamd on my eth1. It took a little bit of tweaking to the configs to get it all working right... but now it works seamlessly, all the time. I'll have to post my configs for you.

- Joe

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