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Help------Modem driver required

I found you on the internet, doing a google search. I am not a computer
expert by any means.

I have a Toshiba lap top computer (320 CT), about 5 years old, I need a 
internal modem driver to access the internet.
The driver modem was erased when my computer froze a number of times while
exiting the internet (Cyber Net is my internet provider, here in Karachi, Pakistan).
A computer store told me that I need the modem driver for my computer,
which was erased, and preferably the driver for the whole computer, in
order to get my internet up and working again.
The company which gave me the computer is no longer in business, and I
don't have the back-up disk for the driver modem. The guy from the
computer store searched the internet a bit looking for the modem driver,
but couldn't find one, and told me that Toshiba support staff was
unwilling to help.

Please email me, if you can, as an attachment the driver modem I need for
my Toshiba computer.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Mujeebuddin Paracha

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