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Re: Logging goes beserk

That's it , problem solved.

I, for some strange reason, compiled the kernel with CONFIG_INPUT_EVBUG=y. Ain't gonna do that again. Recompiled kernel with evbug as module -> no more beserking.

Thanks :)

Frans Pop wrote:

On Tuesday 17 May 2005 19:44, Christian Birkholm Clausen wrote:
So, working good on my IBM T42. One small thing though;
syslog, kern.log and debug are growing rapidly. Upto 117mb since
yesterday pr. file approximately... :( Seem to get filled with alot of
usb and isa logging. 10-15 pr. second. I turned off every debugging
feature I could find in the kernel and recompiled. But it hasn't
helped. Can't find any bad settings in syslog.cong, but then again I'm
not sure that that's the right place to look. Guess it's a

This looks like it comes from the evbug kernel module, which is CONFIG_INPUT_EVBUG. If you have this compiled as a module, it should be blacklisted for hotplug (and is by default).


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