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Re: tosh libretto apm / battery / disk woes


> note that CONFIG_APM_IGNORE_USER_SUSPEND is on by default, but based
> on googling it should not be enabled for the libretto 1x0CT's.
> Still cannot get the suspend to disk to work, but at least I can
> unplug it from the mains cable now :)

I've never seen any suspend from the Kernel working in any way...
no chance at all. I've got an ibm thinkpad here and as i move around quite
a lot, i've decided i need a solution. I found one: swsusp2. This works
like a breeze for me and i've seen it working on other systems as well.
Might be worth a try for you as well. http://swsusp.sourceforge.net would
be the url for it.

hope it helps


Martin Hauser <mh@alla.franken.de>

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