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Re: tapping disabled for touchpad under dell inspiron 600m

On Sun, May 15, 2005 at 01:52:13AM -0600, Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas <jevv.cr@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi !
> After having a good experience with linux- under ibm t40, I
> decided to use it under dell/inspiron 600m.
> The problem I found is that the touchpad doesn't tap properly.  Under
> linux-2.6.10 with same debian/unstable it does...
> Somehow it's possible to single tap, but no way to reproduce the
> tap...  double tap is not possible...  Annoying?

I'm glad to hear I'm not crazy thinking my touchpad is acting weird
since i upgraded to 2.6.11... Though i've not investigated as far as you
did, and did not solve the problem. There are interesting informations
in your message to start investing, I might give it some try...


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