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[MailServer Notification] Content Filtering or Infected Attachmen t File

Title: [MailServer Notification] Content Filtering or Infected Attachment File

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange took action on the message.  The message details were:
Sender = debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
Recipient(s) = bob.builder@test.com;
Subject = Mail Delivery (failure bob.builder@test.com)
Scanning time = 05/14/2005 13:50:14
Engine/Pattern = 7.510-1002/2.629.00

Action taken on message:
The message body contained HTML_Netsky.P virus. ScanMail deleted the message body.

The attachment message.scr contained WORM_NETSKY.P virus. ScanMail took the action: Deleted.
05/14/200501:50 PM
Mail Delivery (failure bob.builder@test.com)
real-time scan


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