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netenv on sid

Hi everyone,

I use DHCP to access the Internet at home, running Sid on my Toshiba.
Yesterday I downloaded netenv. Having little background knowledge on
networking and even less on modifying configuration files on Debian, I
was hoping to use my Debian in the office, which has a cable Lan
connection with a fixed  IP address The network is
Windows based.

So  this is  what I enterned when the Netenv dialog box came up   during bootup:

current IP-address:  
netmask of the current subnet: 
IP-address  of the current network:
Gateway address: 
IP-address of the current nameserver:

Everything, except for the network IP and the broadcast address , is
exactly what I'd enter when I'm on Windows. But I can't seem to get
connected to  the Internet with the above on Debian. Or I was probably
connected already, only the browser kept telling me "servers not

Did I do something wrong? Do I need Samba or something like that?



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