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Re: Network Messed After Resume

Hi Michael!

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Michael Perry wrote:

I have /etc/network/interfaces kinda tricked out so I can have support for
different locations wireless requirements.  I just do a "ifdown eth1" and
then I do a "ifup eth1=home".  Sometimes, the ipw2200 driver is in a state

I use "ifsheme" for different locations. - Normally after a resume hotplug
starts uploading the needed firmware. Changes can be made by "ifsheme any"
"ifsheme home" ...

of funk and it requires more manual intervention so I remove it and
re-insert it and it comes back.  This is with apm, BTW.  My laptop will
not talk acpi.

As I said: sometimes. :)
Maybe it is better to use one of the tools, which do this automatically?
Don't know, if they do better?

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