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Re: Network Messed After Resume

On Wed, 11 May 2005 17:44:58 +0200, Goran Ristic wrote:

> Hi, all!
> My network runs with DHCP, sarge,, prism54 Card on an i8200 Dell.
> Sometimes, when I resume from RAM, nothing happens. I manually have to
> restart networking. Then I manually have to execute /etc/init.d/networking.
> After that, it runs normally.
> But as I said: only sometimes(?). Syslog says in that cases, where it won't
> work, nothing else then: "localhost dhclient: send_packet: Network is down".
> Not very useful.
> Does anybody have/had the same problem? - Maybe already fixed?
> Thanks for help.

I have that here on occasion on debian unstable, kernel with a
IPW2200 abg card.  The scenario here is that most of the times, networking
just comes back after a suspend on my dell inspiron 4100.  A few times,
wmwifi and wavemon show I have an association with my WRT but nothing
really is happening.  

I have /etc/network/interfaces kinda tricked out so I can have support for
different locations wireless requirements.  I just do a "ifdown eth1" and
then I do a "ifup eth1=home".  Sometimes, the ipw2200 driver is in a state
of funk and it requires more manual intervention so I remove it and
re-insert it and it comes back.  This is with apm, BTW.  My laptop will
not talk acpi.

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