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Re: Problem with linux-kernel for ibm-thinkpad t40?

On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 20:00 +0200, Christian Birkholm Clausen wrote:
> I'm the one who didn't have /dev/dsp. So I recompiled the kernel with 
> Javier-Elias's config and /dev/dsp appeared. Kudos Javier! Good thing 
> (only now my USB mouse doesn't work, but that's a different story)

As long as you only use alsa, there is no use for /dev/dsp. In fact, it
may be easier trying to set things up without /dev/dsp, because then you
know for sure that you're using alsa instead of oss (legacy or

> Still got 2 issues though:
> When I boot my laptop, esd seems to use /dev/dsp - the music player 
> can't play because of this. The sound server reports something like it: 
> "The sound device is busy.." So when I *fuser /dev/dsp* and kill the PID 
> - it plays! But I have to do this everytime I boot. Is there a way to 
> get rid of this problem?

Just a shot in the dark: Is esd using alsa as the output device? I'm not
sure how to set that, though, but if it currently runs with -d /dev/dsp,
then it's using alsa.
Ofcourse, it you let esd use alsa, then the alsa device is blocked. So,
let your sound player output to esd (so esd can mix the streams), or set
up dmix (alsa plugin), which will then mix multiple alsa streams.

Another solution is to tell gnome not to autostart the sound server.
This will still give only one program at a time access to the alsa
device, though.

> My gnome-alsamixer settings keep changing back to default when I 
> boot/reboot, so I also have to reset these everytime. Anyone?

Is this really caused by gnome-alsamixer? I guess gnome-alsamixer isn't
running until you log into gnome, so I'm a bit confused about what you
mean by 'boot'. If you really mean 'boot', and it isn't caused by
gnome-alsamixer, then you might be able to fix this by
changing /etc/default/alsa (look for alsactl_store_on_shutdown).


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