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Re: Problem with linux-kernel for ibm-thinkpad t40?

not the same hardware, but in case it provides some comfort... my sound keeps dying and coming back when I change kernels, because things just randomly change, so I'm getting adept at re-checking the obvious stuff. I'm running on a ICH4 chipset... It seems to keep getting set to something abnormal.. It should look like so...

% ls -al dsp
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 9 Dec 27 12:02 dsp -> /dev/dsp0
% ls -al /dev/dsp0
crw-rw-rw-  1 root audio 14, 3 Dec 27 12:02 /dev/dsp0
what seems to happen a lot is that the permissions are not managed correctly. /dev/snd contains all the mixer controls. Can you bring up a mixer, like kmix, or alsamixer in a shell window

chmod 666 /dev/dsp0 /dev/snd/*

Are the correct drivers loaded? you should have something like snd_intel8x0 loaded along with all the other snd_ stuff.

watch out if it loads the snd-intel8x0m  that has modem support
and doesn't

assuming after checking the above you can bring up a mixer,
check the levels on it.   They seem to get set to mute and you have
to raise them to hear anything.

Christian Birkholm Clausen wrote:


I have the exact same problem on my T42. I installed with the same sound config as you and the same one worked fine with something.

But now there's just no sound. I recompiled quite a few times changing the sound section in the kernel-config, but nothing seems to help.

I noticed that I get an error message saying: /dev/dsp not existing. I'm not sure about this /dev/dsp, haven't figured out what this is and if it is significant to our mutual problem.


Thanks in advance,
Christian C.
Copenhagen - DK

Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas wrote:


I have installed on a IBM-T40 debian unstable.  I had my own compiled
linux-2.6.10 working well for quite a while, but I needed to recompile
the kernel, so I decided to go for linux-  As usual its
compilation was not a problem, and reboot is smooth...  Problems is
that when openning xmms and trying to listen anything with sound card,
nothing shows up, just silence...

I don't know if there's something wrong with ALSA for this new kernel,
but after several trials I declined my attempt.  Actually  I
recompiled linux-2.6.10, and I have the sound card up and running
again.  Too bad I couldn;t get it to work on latest kernel though...

Has someone experienced the same?  Any hints?  I'm providing config
file I used for linux- just in case...

Thanks in advance (if possible please include me with [to] or [cc] so
that I get the answer directly)...

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