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Re: Frozen touchpad after resume

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John O'Hagan wrote:

> Ritesh Raj Sarraf  wrote:
>> John O'Hagan wrote:
>>>[....] I suspect that the root of the problem is the process by which
>> > the devices in /dev/input are recreated (by udev, I guess?) after a
>> > suspend-to-ram; this is still a mystery to me, but I have a few leads.
>> AFAIK, module loading/unloading isn't related to PID at all. Hence I
>> don't think udev should be the problem. What does confuse me is that if
>> it really has to be unloaded then how does it allow on my notebook.
> What does PID mean (in this context)?

Process ID
> Yes, I share your confusion: similarly, I find it strange that the
> keyboard, for example, which uses /dev/iput/event0, is unaffected by a
> suspend, but the touchpad, which I would have thought only differs by a
> digit, behaves so differently. On your notebook, do any changes occur in
> your /dev device files during a suspend?

I haven't been able to see if there happen to be any changes during
hibernation but I think there shouldn't be any.

>>[...] From your first post, I presume your hardware is very identical to
>>mine. You can double check it at the documentation at my website.
> They are very similar; some of your subsystems are branded Hewlett-Packard
> where mine are "First International", and some memory addresses vary a
> little; but all the power management references are identical. One
> question; which hardware item refers to the touchpad?

Looking at the synaptics.c source code in the kernel source it is clear that
the touchpad uses the PS/2 mouse driver. (So there is no USB connected to
this.). That is one selfexplanatory reason why even during hibernation I
don't need to worry about my touchpad because during hibernation the USB
subsystem is brought down, other subsystems work AFAIK.

I hope your's too to be the synaptic touchpad driver which would in that
case be using the PS/2 mouse driver.

Also have you installed the xfree86-driver-synaptics ?

For keyboard, I think the atkbd driver might be used but I don't see it
listed in the list of modules loaded.
>> [...] When the kernel loads the acpi subsystem it will tell you what
>> [modes
>>your hardware supports. You can find it in your`dmesg`.
>>Also /sys/power/state can tell you what modes are supported.
> Thanks! The modes are S0, S3, S4 and S5, so it should be possible.

That means your hardware supports all the modes.
> There is no mention of power management in the BIOS, which is a Phoenix
> one.

Not to worry. My BIOS also doesn't mention it.
> From reading my X log after a resume, I learn that the graphics device is
> actually re-initialized, rather than restored, presumably by vbe-tool
> (without that the screen remains blank); perhaps something similar needs
> to happen to the touchpad: the log also says that the touchpad could not
> be found and that there is no such device as /dev/input/event1.

I'm totally unaware of this vbe-tool. I never had to use it. Can you tell me
what VGA your hardware uses ? Preferably the `lspci -v`  output.

> Thanks again for your advice,
> John


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