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Re: Frozen touchpad after resume

On Thursday 05 May 2005 11:27 am, John O'Hagan wrote:
> Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> >Why don't you modify his script to unload the psmouse module before
> >hibernating and load it on resume ?
> This made no difference - whether the touchpad-related modules are left
> loaded, or unloaded before or after suspend, then reloaded. I also tried
> unloading the usb modules, as I read that they can be a problem, but to no
> avail. I suspect that the root of the problem is the process by which the
> devices in /dev/input are recreated (by udev, I guess?) after a
> suspend-to-ram; this is still a mystery to me, but I have a few leads.

AFAIK, module loading/unloading isn't related to PID at all. Hence I don't 
think udev should be the problem. What does confuse me is that if it really 
has to be unloaded then how does it allow on my notebook.

> (I should clarify that I am concentrating on suspend-to-ram only; I have
> had some success with suspend-to-disk but it takes longer than a reboot and
> scrambles the modules; I'm sure they can be unscrambled with a script, but
> I don't think I would use it at that speed!)

Amazing that it takes more time :-)

> >[...] KDE's klaptop daemon is quite enough to
> >handle all my acpi/power related issues. Try it.
> I am also a KDE user (and fan!); but klaptop suspend/hibernate do not work
> for me, the cd drive spins and lights flash on attempted resume but the
> machine does not wake up - perhaps, as David Härdeman suggested, my
> hardware does not yet have kernel support.

From your first post, I presume your hardware is very identical to mine. You 
can double check it at the documentation at my website.

> >What Software Suspend version are you using ? Is it a module or compiled
> > in into the kernel ?
> It's enabled in my kernel config. (2.6.11) - compiled-in, as I don't think
> it can be compiled as a module. I also have acpi_sleep enabled.
> >[...] What acpi modes does your
> >machine support ?
> It is a "whitebox" machine, and the manufacturers aren't speaking to me
> since I let it slip that I use Gnu-Linux (apparently that is subversive!),
> so I can only guess that S1 works (screen blanking is OK), S3 is available
> because the indicator flashes correctly during a suspend (only the touchpad
> fails on resume), and S4 is hibernate. Naturally, S0 and S5, too. Is this
> what you are asking about? And, do you know of a way to test for which
> modes are supported?

When the kernel loads the acpi subsystem it will tell you what modes your 
hardware supports. You can find it in your `dmesg`.
Also /sys/power/state can tell you what modes are supported.

> Thank you for all your suggestions; I will struggle on! :)
> John


Ritesh Raj Sarraf
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