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Re: Skype on Armada 7400

No sound calling echo123, though XMMS works fine. Kernel 2.6.8 with Ubuntu Warty; LibraNet 2.8 behaves similarly.
Errors from Skype (with XMMS terminated):
GETOSPACE: Device or resource busy

A desktop on my LAN almost (with a lot of static) works, so I don't think it is a firewall problem.

You have Skype working on an Armada?

I don't think it is a machine or firewall problem (I am using Acer Aspire 1300 and very old Acer EXtensa 367T)

I have Debian Sarge testing with 2.4.27 & 2.6.8 and Knoppix 2.6.11

Use Skype_1.1.0.3-1_i386.deb pakkage to install Skype.

Had some problems with Skype from Dynamic- / Static-binary.tar.bz2

Remove and reinstall!

/ J

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