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Re: Skype on Armada 7400

On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 11:42:55AM +0200, Jiri Svoboda wrote:
> Willie McKemie wrote:
> >Has anyone had any success with Skype on Compaq Armada 7400?  Or 
> >similar 73xx, 7800, 7700?
> >
> What is your problem? Distribution? Kernel?

No sound calling echo123, though XMMS works fine.  
Kernel 2.6.8 with Ubuntu Warty; 
LibraNet 2.8 behaves similarly.
Errors from Skype (with XMMS terminated):
GETOSPACE: Device or resource busy

A desktop on my LAN almost (with a lot of static) works, so I don't 
think it is a firewall problem.

You have Skype working on an Armada?

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