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Re: Re: Frozen touchpad after resume

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John O'Hagan wrote:

> Thank you, rrs, for your advice; but unfortunately your solution has not
> worked yet on my system. If I add the acpi_sleep=s3_bios option to the
> boot command, resume fails completely. If I suspend without Mr Härdeman's
> script, which uses vbetool to save the state of the graphics device (and
> without the boot option), resume succeeds but the screen remains blank.
> With Mr Härdeman's script, the touchpad problem appears.

Why don't you modify his script to unload the psmouse module before
hibernating and load it on resume ?
> I am invoking suspend with:
>     echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state
> Is this correct? (I have so far been unable to invoke it using any ACPI
> lid or button events without strange multiple suspends.)

No idea then. I use KDE solely. KDE's klaptop daemon is quite enough to
handle all my acpi/power related issues. Try it.

What Software Suspend version are you using ? Is it a module or compiled in
into the kernel ?

For me, the Suspend-to-Disk/Suspend-to-RAM part is well handled by
klaptopdaemon but anything should work.

acpi_sleep=s3_bios should work because before using this option I too had
exactly the same problems that you've mentioned. What acpi modes does your
machine support ?

> You mention that "A small amount of tweaking is required." What does this
> involve?
> BTW:
> If you are interested, this is how I got the ICH4* ac'97 modem to work:
> 1) Install sl-modem-daemon package
> 2) Use the snd_intel8x0m alsa module to drive it.  The snd_intel8x0 module
> must be loaded before snd_intel8x0m, or neither sound nor modem will work
> - no idea why.
> Thanks for your reply,

Thanks. I too did fix it the sameway but was too lazy to update it on the
website :-)

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