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Re: Re: Frozen touchpad after resume

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

>John O'Hagan wrote:
>> However, on resume the touchpad is inoperative. This occurs with both the
>> synaptics and the PS2 drivers.
>[...] I'm also running 2.6.11 but with the stock swsusp i.e.
>version 1.
>I'm not using any add-on script. I've been able to fix the suspend-to-ram
>and suspend-to disk issues a little while back.
>Maybe that could help you [.....]

Thank you, rrs, for your advice; but unfortunately your solution has not 
worked yet on my system. If I add the acpi_sleep=s3_bios option to the boot 
command, resume fails completely. If I suspend without Mr Härdeman's script, 
which uses vbetool to save the state of the graphics device (and without the 
boot option), resume succeeds but the screen remains blank. With Mr 
Härdeman's script, the touchpad problem appears.

I am invoking suspend with:

    echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state

Is this correct? (I have so far been unable to invoke it using any ACPI lid or 
button events without strange multiple suspends.)

You mention that "A small amount of tweaking is required." What does this 


If you are interested, this is how I got the ICH4* ac'97 modem to work:

1) Install sl-modem-daemon package

2) Use the snd_intel8x0m alsa module to drive it.  The snd_intel8x0 module 
must be loaded before snd_intel8x0m, or neither sound nor modem will work - 
no idea why.

Thanks for your reply,



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