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Re: RE: Frozen touchpad after resume

> > However, on resume the touchpad is inoperative. This occurs 
> > with both the 
> > synaptics and the PS2 drivers

>As a workaround, i have found that blacklisting the ohci1394 module for
>hotplug solves the problem... [1]
>        echo ohci1394 >> /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/ieee1394-suspend

Thanks for the reply, Stuart; it didn't actually fix it but I think you've 
pointed me in a useful direction -  I've since read that some modules grab 
devices wrongly on resume if they are not unloaded and reloaded in the right 
order, esp. USB. So I've rebuilt the kernel with USB as modules, and will try 
various unload/load combinations to see what that does.


John O'Hagan 

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