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RE: Frozen touchpad after resume

Hi all,

> > However, on resume the touchpad is inoperative. This occurs 
> > with both the 
> > synaptics and the PS2 drivers. 

this sounds familiar... I have seen the same with my HP/Compaq nx7010
under 2.6.11.


[summary: after coming out of S3 suspend, touchpad thinks it's a
keyboard and spews forth kb events to console or X making a big mess of

As a workaround, i have found that blacklisting the ohci1394 module for
hotplug solves the problem... [1]

	echo ohci1394 >> /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/ieee1394-suspend

I can now suspend without any problems. (And since I don't have any 1394
devices, that doesn't worry me).

Don't ask me how the 1394 module managed to get my mouse to think it was
a keyboard; I suspect it points to a deeper problem, but I don't have
the time to go digging!


[1] Actually, I have ieee1394 and eth1394 also blacklisted in here as

Stuart Prescott


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