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Re: resume to disk

On Mon 28 Mar 2005 20:24, Gustavo Halperin wrote:
>  Sorry, but I don't sure that I undrestand you.
>  Primary, yes, I was enable the software suspend in my kernel.
>  Second, if the the bios native hibernation don't work with the swap
> partition with wich partition it work and if I will give any parameter to
> the kernel in the boot? And last, if I remember good, the documentation say
> that the default place for resume is the swap partition, so.., why do you
> say that this partition doesn't work with the bios-native-hibernation.

well I guess it depends on the machine. For example on my ibm thinkpad you 
need to setup a primary fat32 (windows) partition using a special tool that 
comes with the default windows system installed. I haven't given native 
hibernation a try at all because I'm pretty happy with software suspend 
(where the kernel will write everything to swap and then shutdown, and the 
bios don't know a thing about it). In any case your problem could be 
something completely different so I'm not going to insist on this.

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