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Thinkpad t40p with Linux Kernels 2.4 <-> 2.6

Problem: How can I get Suspend-to-RAM in addition to Suspend-to-Disk
         work on a thinkpad t40p with Linux Kernels 2.6?


  Dear all,

  for a couple of years I have been using Linux on laptops; for the
  past six years, I have been working on thinkpads; two years ago, I
  started working on a thinkpad t40p.

  Until half a year ago, I was happy with Linux Kernels 2.4.
  Everything worked fine.  At that time, I decided to switch on my
  laptop to 2.6.7 and changed since then up to  I prefer
  many of the improvements of 2.6 kernels over 2.4s.  Primarily the
  improved disk-access as well as the power management features.

  However, I have not been able to get 2.6.x suspend-to-RAM in
  addition to suspend-to-DISK (software-suspend 2).  I have been
  searching the web for ages -- but have not been lucky so far.  Hence


  Has anybody reading this email been able to get Linux Kernels
  2.6.10/11 to properly suspend-to-RAM (standby) as well as to
  suspend-to-DISK (hibernate)?

  I would really appreciate any hint!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Raw IP   <http://www.rawip.org> |
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