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Re: [OT] Looking for advice on buying a new laptop

Hi Hugo,
Speaking of the T23 in general, I'll say it's my favorite "little thing" of all time. Mine, a 2647-4MU, has been absolutely flawless.
I use it daily in the field and at client sites.
I upgraded the RAM to 2x256MB Crucial cas2 and the HDD to a Seagate 40G.
As far as Linux goes, I'm basically a newb, but I've used DSL, Vector, Knoppix and Kanotix on the T23 and had only minor problems with wireless and screen resolution in Vector and DSL.


Hugo Santiago Carrer wrote:

Hi list:

So, basically I'm about to buy a used Thinkpad T23 from IBM. I really
like the little thing, I have used one before and liked the feeling.
But the questions are,
Are the Thinkpads really worth the extra buck or is it just the
brandname? Are they really that linux/debian friendly or they are just
like any other laptops?

Thank you guys/gals


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