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Re: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160

On Sunday 13 March 2005 19:48, Jordan Smith wrote:
> I was wondering if anybody on the list has had any experience getting
> ndiswrapper working with the Broadcom Wireless adapter that comes with
> this laptop.
> I have installed the ndiswrapper packages and compiled the module.  I
> installed the Win driver with ndiswrapper, and when I use $>ndiswrapper
> -l it lists the driver installed and the hardware present.   I added
> ndiswrapper to /etc/modules and when I boot up and do a lsmod it shows
> the module loaded.
> I disabled eth0 in my /etc/network/interfaces and set the wireless
> configuration:
> auto wlan0
> iface wlan0 inet dhcp
>        wireless-essid "my-essid"
>        wireless-mode Managed
>        wireless-keymode restricted
>        wireless-key1 xxxxxxxxxxx
>        wireless-defaultkey 2
> all of these settings are correct for my wap.
> I can bring the Iface up and the system sees it, but i just can't
> establish any communication with my AP.   When I do a iwconfig the
> access point is off/any although the key settings seem to be set
> properly.   Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?  It appears others
> have gotten this adapter to work using ndiswrapper.  I can't find any
> erros in the kernel or system logs, it just doesn't connect...  Help
> please!

Try looking at the archives for the linuxr3000 list at  
http://mail.kdewebdev.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxr3000 list.  I believe it 
covers your system, and has some good information about what driver you 
actually need to make your network function.  All drivers for Broadcom 
chipsets do not necessarily work properly with ndiswrapper.

Also look at http://cmb.phys.cwru.edu/kisner/linux/compaq-r3000/ who has a 
gzipped tarball with the drivers he got to work.  I believe his are the 
drivers that made my Compaq 3120 start working on wireless.


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